Dhiti Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is Delhi based manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic rapid tests. Established in 2013, the company is engaged in research & developement, manufacturing of diagnostic kits and the production of key ingredients (recombinant protiens & monoclonal antibodies).


The following principles guide all of us at Dhiti Life Sciences toward our ambition of delivering high quality products and services at an affordable price to our customers. These form the basis of our corporate culture and are essential part of our growth on the way to becoming Indias leading biotechnology and in-vitro diagnostics company.

1. We provide our customers with high quality products and services. High quality means consistent performance by a safe, compliant product at affordable prices. All our products are designed and manufactured to meet the accredited quality standards for performance and consistency.

2. We continually improve our design and manufacturing processes to be more efficient, so that our products may be affordable for the largest number of consumers throughout the world.

3. We regularly seek and actively incorporate feedback from consumers on our products to improve our product quality. This commitment is rooted in our corporate culture and is essential for our continuous growth and success.


1.To design and manufacture products that improve the clinical condition and ensure the safety of our end users.

2. To establish and enforce stringent quality criteria in the development and manufacturing phase of each product, which ensures its consistent performance, and high value to the consumer.

3. To stay informed of the latest in our field, and to continuously upgrade our team skills and knowledge.

4. To still these values across all levels of our company and in our partners, across our value chain, so as to uphold Dhiti Life Sciences Quality Culture