• Cloning Strategy

    Want to express recombinant protein, but not sure which vector, which host, what conditions?? Come to us, our team of scientists would analyze your sequence and application and suggest you entire cloning protocol including choice of vector, host, tag, purification protocol, etc.

  • Antigen Designing

    Be it for immunization, ELISA, Western Blot or any detection technique we understand the importance of EPITOPES. We can design novel antigen (fusion or single; small peptide or large polypeptide) based on density and accessibility of linear and conformational epitopes & can suggest you most appropriate amino acid sequence to solve your scientific need. Not only we also develop unique purification and refolding protocols to preserve the epitopes of recombinant antigen.

  • Gene Cloning & Expression Optimization

    We have state of the art facility to produce recombinant proteins from various hosts such as E. coli, CHO cells, insect cell line (Sf9), etc. Just give us your gene sequence or template & we will give you recombinant protein expressed with your choice of tag in your choice of buffer system. We also specialize in tag-free recombinant protein expression & purification; a rare but true hall mark of our competence.

  • Recombinant Protein Purification & Production

    If you have a clone, we can optimize expression of your protein with respect to all the important variables. If you don’t have a clone, no problem, we will clone and express your gene of interest; just give us your sequence. Get benefitted with our novel protocol of refolding to harvest more than 80% yield of your purified protein. Our success with the most challenging antigenic & membrane protein is the list company of our in house expresses. Antigens of Treponema pallidum, etc is testimony of our expertise. Most of these recombinant proteins have been up scaled and are successfully commercialized. We have successfully cloned, expressed and purified more than 40 recombinant proteins. Medicinalin-house produced Plasmodium vivax recombinant protein currently being used in Malaria Antibody Detection Rapid tests

  • Antibody Production & Characterisation

    We have CPCSEA (MoEF, Government of India) approved small facilities. We can generate mono- or poly-clonal antibodies against given peptide/antigen. If you don’t have the antigen ready with you, no problem, you can give us the gene sequence; we will clone it, produce the recombinant protein and generate antibodies against . We have well established protocols for antibody purification from sera/ascites of the animals and we also perform antibody isotyping.

  • Bioassays

    We can perform several bioassays such as cell proliferation, cell death, reporter gene analysis cytokine proliferation and many more. A dedicated highly regulated cell culture facility is devoted solely for this purpose.

  • Consultancy Services

    Want to establish a new lab or stuck in some experimental bottlenecks?? We will help you out right from designing lay out of the lab to choice of instruments and all that a standard R&D lab requires. At micro level, our experts can provide you experimental suggestions and even refined protocols, if you are stuck somewhere in your molecular biology and protein work related research.

  • Vaccine Formulation And Immunization Optimization

    Unable to get sufficient antibody titers inspite of repeated booster doses?? Leave that to us!! We will formulate your antigen with our novel adjuvant formulations and can also optimize route of immunizations, immunizations schedule for your antigen to obtain best of the results. We can also characterize the immune response for you.

  • Scientific and Medical Writing

    You have the data, we will write it down for you. A team of experienced professionals having published multiple research and high standard review articles in peer reviewed reputed international journals are committed to take scientific writing to an entirely new level! We undertake manuscript writing, manuscript revision and re-writing, journal selection, formatting according to the journal, poster presentation for conferences, power point slides; almost everything that your academics require.



We provide all kinds of industrial training to undergraduate and post-graduate students such as:
1. Dissertation work
2. Short term training certificate
3. Summer internship
4. Topic wise expertise such as gene cloning, protein purification and many more


We provide all kinds of industrial training to undergraduate and post-graduate students such as:
1. Gene cloning and expression studies
2. Recombinant protein purification and refolding
3. Fast Performance Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)
4. Other chromatographic techniques
5. Experimental animal studies
6. Bio-informatics
7. PCR, SDS-PAGE, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, Western Blot, ELISA and many more